You will get through this, and I’m here to help you get through it faster and in a better way

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Are you having any of these intrusive thoughts?

  • What if I never get over this heartbreak or this person?

  • What if I never meet anyone I love as much as my ex?

  • I can’t move on without closure.

If you find yourself thinking any of these things, I promise you, you are not alone. I’ve had many clients who have struggled with, yet still gotten through, the same fears you have right now.

But here’s what’s surprising - given that at some point everyone will experience a broken heart, it’s shocking that there isn’t a tried and tested method for recovering after a big breakup - until now.

The BetterBreakups Method

I understand that going through a breakup, separation, or divorce is a very personal experience. Often we need a different kind of support than our friends and family can provide. I get it, I've been there. And not only do I have personal experience on both sides of a breakup, but I've supported many men and women navigate their breakups in a healthy and productive manner.

My signature “BetterBreakups Method” is different from therapy or reading books. It’s a specifically targeted to help you process the pain, grief and loss of a romantic relationship. It’s designed using science-based principles to help you understand the experience you are going through, and provides you with a roadmap for your healing.

Whether you have been broken-up with or broken up with your partner (in a recent or not so recent breakup,) The BetterBreakups Method can help.

Here’s how:

  • CLOSURE - Get the closure you need to finally let go of your ex

  • DIRECTION - Know your next best steps for healing quickly

  • HOPE - Feel hopeful again, knowing that everything will be ok

  • LOVE - Prepare your heart for new love

The 3 Phases of Breakup Recovery

In my experience there are 3 distinct stages of breakup recovery that I provide support with - the survival phase, the nourishment and rebuilding phase, and the integration phase.

The Survival Phase

The Nourishment & Rebuilding Phase

The Integration Phase

MOVING ON - Dating After Divorce/Breakup

Dating after the ending of a long-term relationship can be daunting, especially in this era of modern love and online dating. Many men and women discover that they've never actually had much experience dating, which adds to their stress of moving on.

Getting back out there after heartbreak is a process, and that's ok. Learning to be gentle with yourself, as you take steps to rebuild your future is the path to finding love after loss.

Together we can create a dating plan that is healing and goes at your own pace.

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What is “breakup recovery?”

Breakup recovery is the process of letting go of an ex-partner, healing your heart, and moving forward in your life.

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