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Since my broken engagement in 2010 I have been obsessed with romantic relationships - how to get over someone, how to date well, and how to have an incredible relationship. As a result, I have discovered many incredible resources that have made a huge difference in my relationships. Naturally, I am now passionate about sharing this information with as many people as possible so that they too can find and keep the love they most desire.

What is "Lovistics"  

Lovistics is the original name of my company. It was a play on the words love and logistics and was meant to be all about the logistics of love in an effort to make sense of love. As I began to study romantic relationships in 2010, I discovered that there were many theories and ways of understanding love and relationships. It was beautifully complex and multifaceted.

I also discovered that each person has their own unique love blueprint that includes a number of elements including their core values, attachment style, love language, etc. Understanding your own, and that of your partner (or future partner) can help you create the relationship you most desire.

How the Lovistics Library Works

The Lovistics Library is divided into several sections to help you find resources on a variety of topics related to love. I have personally read each of the resources and find to be helpful.

Breakup/Divorce Resources

This section is called "The Breakup Clinic" and is all about working through the ending of relationship. 

Healthy Dating

This section is all about what I call "healthy dating" - no games, no drama. There are so many resources out there that it can be overwhelming trying to find high-quality resources.

Healthy Relationships

Once you find a great relationship the work hasn't ended. A relationship is an organic entity that is fluid and always changing. Deepening and refining your relationship is a beautiful part of life, but it's not always easy. These resources will point you in the direction of some wonderful resources so that you can keep the love you have found.


I felt the need to create a separate section specifically for infidelity. Infidelity is incredibly complex and difficult to work through, although it is possible to rebuild trust. However, there are a handful of resources that may help you to begin the process of healing.

Toxic/Abusive Relationships

There is a big difference between natural relationship challenges and abusive, toxic relationships. However, due to their very nature, it's not always easy to see an abusive relationship for what it is from within, nor is it easy to exit this kind of relationship.