In today’s modern dating world, online dating is a powerful tool for meeting new potential matches. Yet, many people aren’t getting the results they’re after, not because online dating itself doesn’t work, but because they’re not utilizing it to its full potential.

Meet Natalia & VIkA: COPY + PHOTOS

A great dating profile needs high-quality copy AND photos. That’s why I’ve partnered with professional photographer Vika of Vika Vine to help you create a dating profile that converts.


Our services may be for you if:

  • You’re feeling frustrated with your online dating experience.

  • In general, you feel you’re attracting dates, but not the right dates for you.

  • You feel your profile could use some better content, but you don’t know where to start.

How to Get Started?

We can get started in one of two ways, you can either contact us to book one our packages and get started right away, or you may contact me for a short consultation to see which option is best for you.

However, if you live outside Toronto, you can still book online sessions with me to improve your dating profiles.



Here are our 3 signature packages that include both written copy and photo services. if you would to discuss a custom package or you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.




2 Enhanced Online Dating Profiles

Single session with Natalia (50 min)

  • Review of 2 profiles (1 app/1 website)

  • Follow-up notes and recommendations

Photoshoot with Vika

  • 3 images

    • 1 headshot

    • 1 full body shot

    • 1 candid shot

  • 1 location

$397 CAD


2 Online Dating Profiles


2 Full Profile Makeovers

  • One app and one web-based dating platform

2 sessions with Natalia

  • Initial assessment (50 min)

  • Follow-up/revision session  (50 min)

Photoshoot with Vika

  • 7 images

    • 3 headshots

    • 4 full body shots

  • 2-3 locations

  • 3 looks

$797 CAD


2 Online Dating Profiles + Social Media Accounts


2 Fully Completed Online Dating Profiles

+ Social Media Strategy & Photos

  • One app and one online dating platform

3 sessions with Natalia

  • Initial assessment (50 min)

    • Review of social media accounts

  • 2 Follow-up/revision session (2x 45min)

Photoshoot with Vika

  • 20 Images

    • 5 headshots

    • 15- full body shots (for profiles, IG/Facebook - 13, LinkedIn -2)

    • A mix of looks (candid, city locations, dressy, active, professional, etc.)

  • 4 locations

  • 5-6 looks

$1197 CAD

WANT work with Us individually?


Although we encourage you to work with us as a team to get the best results, if that’s not possible or you would like to work with either one of individually you are welcome to explore that option.

Work with Natalia

If you live outside of Toronto, or you would like to work with me privately, I suggest you book a short phone consultation to discuss this option. You can also read more about my offerings on my pricing page.

Work with Vika

If you would like to speak with Vika about her photography services, you can reach her directly via her website.


*Prices include do not include taxes