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Breakup Initiation - Man

“I had no idea how to end my relationship of 7 years. I felt we simply wanted different things and had grown apart. I also felt guilty because I knew my girlfriend deserved more than I was willing to provide - I just wasn’t completely sure I wanted to take the next step to marriage. Within a couple sessions, Natalia was able to help me gain clarity over the situation, to develop a plan, and to break up with my girlfriend with respect and compassion. It was still difficult, but I feel settled knowing I did it in the best way possible.”

— S.B., age 27, Toronto, Canada

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Breakup Recovery - Woman

“When my boyfriend of 5 years broke up with me out of the blue I was devastated.  Luckily, a friend recommended Natalia’s services. I had never even heard of a breakup coach! Over the 3 months that we worked together, Natalia not only helped me to get through the worst of my heartache, but she also helped me to take good care of myself through the process. As a result, I genuinely grew through the experience and have found peace.  I am now happily dating and excited to find real, healthy love.”

— S.K., age 32, Toronto, Canada

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