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Love doesn’t have to be so hard

Are you feeling heartbroken, confused, or hopeless about your love life? Are your romantic issues overwhelming you, or keeping you from functioning in your day-to-day life at your best?

Love can be complicated, and all too often, it can be extremely challenging to find the right kind of targeted support we need to get through the most difficult patches as quickly as possible.

At Lovistics, our methodology is based on leading relationship science (yes, science!) to help you resolve your current situation in the best way possible, but also to give you a foundation in relationship skills that you will take beyond our work together.

No matter your situation, there is a solution.


WHere Should We Begin?

Under the services tab, you’ll see a list of my specialities. If your unique situation involves a few areas, we can address them all in our sessions together. Here are a few of the most common areas I work in:

Breakup/Divorce Coaching

No matter what side you're on, going through a breakup, separation or divorce can be extremely challenging. Often we need a different kind of support than our friends and family can provide. I get it because I've been there. And not only do I have personal experience, but I've supported many men and women to navigate their unique situations.

Dating Consulting & Coaching

Are you experiencing dating frustration or fatigue? Do you find getting a date is not a problem, but you're not attracting high-quality matches? If so, you may need a strategic dating plan.

Contrary to popular belief, dating is not a numbers game. Implementing a personalized dating strategy makes dating more enjoyable and effective at achieving your heart's desires - whether you're looking for a long-term partnership, want to explore casual dating or anything in between.

Infidelity Support

Is your romantic situation “complicated?” Do you feel confused and unsure about who you can talk to?

I offer my clients the opportunity to share their situation freely, without judgement. We work together to help them get unstuck, bring clarity, and develop a plan of action that brings about resolution.

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