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Create the best chance of getting back together with your ex or walk away with the total peace of mind that you did everything you could


I want my ex back. I'll do anything. 

I really regret messing things up with my there anything I can do to fix this?

I think I want my ex back, but I'm not 100% sure it's a good idea.

If you've been through a recent breakup and are having some serious doubts, you may be stuck with these thoughts swirling around in your head.

And while these thoughts are perfectly normal and relatively harmless on their own, the place where most people (and the relationship they are trying to save) run into trouble is when they act on them.

Often, this means people turn to the internet and find all sorts of tricks and gimmicks (like the deeply flawed no-contact rule) to "get" exes back - but the truth is, most of these are useless and will only hurt your chances (the relationship) in the long run. (Hard to read)

You see, the majority of what's out there is based on manipulative tactics like reverse psychology and persuasion. Meaning that if you have to resort to using them, you'll have to maintain  those manipulative tactics even if you get back together.

And ultimately, if you don’t get back together for the right, genuine reasons, it just won't last in the long run. And it’s not fair to your ex (nor yourself) to get back together on such dishonest grounds. 

And that’s why my clients turn to me for help. 

One of the main reasons my clients choose to work with me instead of overpriced "get your ex back" coaches is because of my sincere (or what some may even call brutally honest) approach to "recoupling."

To start, I'll be upfront about the fact that although I cannot guarantee that you will get your ex back (and I’d consider it to be highly dishonest for anyone to make a claim like that), I can assure you that if you genuinely have a good, healthy relationship with your ex, I can help you maximize your chances of getting another opportunity as much as possible.

But I do need to be realistic here. In my experience, in most cases, there’s about a 20% chance of winning back an ex. 

That said, I have successfully helped dozens of clients get back together, with several of these reconnected couples ultimately getting engaged or married.

However, regardless of the outcome and whether you win back your ex or not, I guarantee you will walk away with the peace of mind of knowing you did everything you could.


As a part of our work together, we’ll:

  • Assess the health of your relationship to determine the viability of a reconciliation

  • Create strategic opportunities for communication to rebuild the connection between you and your ex

  • Implement a self-care plan that will benefit this process as well as ensure you are healing

In other words, our work together includes everything you need to develop a strategic plan of action to reconnect with your ex, move past your past issues, and create a new future (together, if possible)

One-on-One “Get Back Your Ex” Coaching

The foundation of our work together will be our one-on-one coaching sessions. During our 60-minute calls, we’ll put together a personalized recoupling plan that works through my 3-step process below and is based on your relationship’s unique circumstances and challenges. 

Crafting a Letter to Your Ex

All of my clients who have successfully won back their exes have done so with letters that we've carefully crafted together using my signature letter structure. (Hard to read)

These letters offer my clients the ability to communicate with their exes in a way they would never be able to otherwise.

24/7 Email & Text Support

Have a question, want to run something by me, or find yourself in a difficult moment between our sessions?  As a coaching client, you have access to my 24/7 email and text support and may contact me anytime. 

Many of my clients have found that having this level of accessibility greatly accelerates their progress. 

Personalized List of Recommended Resources 

I will also recommend a curated list of books, articles, and other resources that may be helpful to your particular situation.

Development of a Social Media Strategy

The prevalence of social media has made breakups even harder. Almost all of my clients benefit from having a social media strategy plan as a part of their action plan so they can focus on their next steps (and not on seeing painful notifications or images of their ex that will only hinder progress).

My 3-Step Recoupling Process

The process of attempting to win back your ex is extremely delicate. This is quite understandable, given the circumstances, and how emotional the process can be for the both of you.

My approach to recoupling is different from therapy, and the majority of what is online or in books. It's based on years of practical experience with my clients, relationship psychology, and a strategic action plan. But the biggest difference is my 3-step recoupling process.

Here are the three steps we’ll work through together during our sessions and throughout your action plan to create the best possible chances for getting your ex back:

Step 1: Assessing of the Likelihood of a Healthy, Reconciliation 

This first step is almost always missing from those “get your ex back” schemes out there (which is just one reason of many as to why they just lead to longer, more prolonged heartbreak). In quick terms, discernment is the process of evaluating your relationship to determine whether or not the relationship is worth saving.

If we determine that the relationship is unhealthy, unsustainable, or unworkable, it’s better to move on. For example, if your partner isn’t in love with you anymore, you’re unable to communicate effectively, or you have an unworkable compatibility (such as one of you wants marriage/kids but the other doesn’t), then we need to be realistic about what is and isn’t possible.

But keep in mind, even if saving the relationship isn’t viable, we’ll still be able to work together to help you let go of your ex, and heal your heart so that you can move on.  

Step 2: Healing from the Past

If you broke up, it’s for reasons that need to be addressed. And even if we determine through step 1 that your relationship has a chance, it’ll be very tough for you to have a future together if aspects of the past still need healing.

That said, I know it can feel impossible to heal the past when you’re not even speaking. For this reason, I work closely with my clients to create opportunities for strategic communication and connection, such as helping them craft a letter to their ex through my signature letter structure. 

Step 3: Rebuilding of Authentic Communication 

The third step in my recoupling process is building authentic, secure communication between you and your ex. 

It sounds easy enough, but it can take work to get to the essence of what exactly you need to communicate to your ex-partner for maximum impact and a positive outcome.

About Your Coach


Natalia Juarez | BAH, B.Ed

Not only have I helped others successfully recouple, but I have also had personal success with this process.

My first career was as an elementary school teacher. Today I’m a certified dating coach, holistic coach, yoga teacher, with degrees in Gender Studies and Education.

My mission is to help men and women have healthy, fulfilling relationships so they can lead powerful, impactful lives.

My work has been featured on Good Morning America, GQ, Vice Media, NPR, The Walls Street Journal amongst major Canadian Media.



If you believe in your relationship and want to ensure you did everything you could to save it, let’s talk.