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Helping you let go of your ex so you can heal your heart, get through this breakup with dignity, and move on with your life


What if I never get over this heartbreak or this person?

Is there any chance of getting my ex back? Or do I need to move on?

What if I never meet anyone I love as much as my ex?

How can I move on without closure?

Why do I keep attracting the wrong partners?


If you're going through a breakup or divorce, these may be some of the thoughts running through your head right now.

Given how common and painful heartbreak is, it's surprising how challenging it can be to get the support we need.

Often, we turn to friends and family, but quickly exhaust them with our sadness, repetitive stories, and negative energy. 

Or we turn to traditional therapy, but quickly discover that weekly one-hour sessions simply aren’t enough. 

Or we try to muscle through the pain on our own in the hopes that if we just give it enough time, our heart will heal by itself. 

And while all of this does help over time, it doesn't help us nearly as quickly or effectively as we wish it would. And as a result, we end up suffering from our pain much longer than we need to and risk getting stuck in feelings of sadness, bitterness, or resentment, unable to truly move forward.


As a breakup coach, I understand that the pain of heartbreak is real. It's not something to be minimized or trivialized or glossed over. 

And that’s why I developed the BetterBreakups Method - a method that has helped take hundreds of clients from feeling desperate and devastated, to hopeful, accepting, and fully empowered to move forward in their lives.

In quick terms, going through the BetterBreakups Method breakup recovery coaching will help you:

  • Get over the desire of wanting your ex back and let go of any false hope so you can genuinely begin your healing process

  • Give you the closure you need with my signature 6Cs assessment to fully understand why your relationship ended and why you need to move on

  • Create a three-month recovery plan to give your healing structure and direction

  • Process your romantic grief so you can grow from the experience and not repeat the same mistakes again

  • Deal with any post-breakup logistics (like housing, social circles, and pets) that may be holding you back


The BetterBreakups Method Breakup Recovery Coaching: everything you need to get through your breakup & move on with your life quickly and with dignity


One-on-One Breakup Recovery Coaching

The foundation of our work together will be our one-on-one coaching sessions. During our 60-minute calls, we’ll put together a personalized recovery plan based on your unique circumstances and challenges. 

90-Day Recovery Plan

Using the notes and insights from our sessions, we will consolidate the key objectives for your recovery and create a short-term and long-term recovery plan.

Guidance through the 3 Phases of Heartbreak Recovery

During the three phases of a broken heart, you’ll need different aspects of healing.

24/7 Email & Text Support

Have a question, need to share something, or find yourself in a difficult moment in between our sessions? As a coaching client, you have access to my 24/7 email and text support and may contact me anytime. Many of my clients have found that having this level of accessibility greatly accelerated their progress, versus having to wait until our next session as with therapy.

Personalized List of Recommended Resources 

I will also recommend a curated list of books, articles, and other resources that may be helpful to your particular situation.

Development of Social Media Strategy

The prevalence of social media has made breaking-up even harder to do. Almost all of my clients benefit from having a social media strategy plan as a part of their recovery process so that they can focus on their healing (and not on seeing painful notifications or images of their ex).




What is “breakup recovery?”

Breakup recovery is the process of healing your heart and rebuilding your life after the ending of a significant romantic relationship. 

No matter what side of the split you are on - whether you’ve been broken up with, or you were the one to end a relationship, breakup recovery is for anyone whose heart is broken.


How long does it take to heal from a painful breakup?

Although, there is no mathematical equation for love, on average, it takes about 3-6 months to heal your heart implementing the BetterBreakups Method. That said, some breakups may take longer, depending on a variety of circumstances - how long the relationship was, the circumstances of the breakup, logistics, etc.


About Your Breakup Recovery Coach


Natalia Juarez | BAH, B.Ed

After going through a traumatic broken engagement in 2010, months before turning 30, I became obsessed with healing my heart and turning my life around.

Today, I’m a certified dating coach, holistic coach, yoga teacher, with degrees in Gender Studies and Education.

My mission is to help men and women have healthy, fulfilling relationships so they can lead powerful, impactful lives.

My work has been featured on Good Morning America, GQ, Vice Media, NPR, The Walls Street Journal amongst major Canadian Media.



If you would like to discuss working through your breakup with dignity and direction, let’s book a call