Books for Breaking Up

Here is a list of some of my most beloved breakup books. 

The cover of the book is a pint of ice-cream.

This book reads like a girls night out with your best "Sex in the City" kind of girlfriends. I listened to the audio version version a few times that first 6 months after my broken engagement. This book is light, but insightful. Very quickly you'll feel like Greg & Amiira are two of your biggest cheerleaders.  They remind you over and over again (the way you need during a breakup!) that your breakup happened for a reason, and encourage you to trust this is happening for the best because you deserve to be with someone who really wants to be with you. It's a good starter book for someone recently out of a breakup, before you dive in to the real work working through grief.


This is an older breakup book that is quite popular with people who enjoy reading. However, I have had some clients say that it reads a bit like a textbook, though it definitely has a lot of great information. The author conveys useful information through many case studies. It is comforting while presenting hard truths and pushing you to move forward.


I love the tone of the author Susan J. Elliott. She is no-nonsense about helping you get past your breakup or divorce. In general, I think this is an excellent book that covers a lot of great information and common pitfalls of breakups. However, her philosophy of "no contact" can be difficult for some people to implement depending on their own unique situation. 


I remember how much I had wished I had known about this book when I was going through my big breakups. This book draws you in as the author shares her personal journey of dealing with the fallout of her husband's affair, and the subsequent divorce. She shares her experience with great vulnerability and so much heart. Her determination to break up with love and compassion is truly inspiring.