THE GLOBE & MAIL - Inside Breakup Wellness

Photo of me holding up the paper with this article.

I'm so honoured to be featured in my favourite newspaper, The Globe & Mail, in this article on the niche industry of breakups! I'm also so proud that one of my former clients courageously shared his story.


For two years, Hamilton-based Joshua Lombardo was stuck in a love-filled, passionate, but often toxic relationship. When his partner ended things, he got stuck in a rut.

“My relationship was super dramatic,” the 31-year-old says. “But I loved her very much and a breakup can feel as bad as physical pain. I’d rather be punched in the face – at least that pain fades in a few days.”

A few weeks later, when he couldn’t shake the depression, Lombardo called up Natalia Juarez, a Toronto “breakup coach” who’s part of a burgeoning cottage industry for the newly single.

But for Lombardo, the experience has been life-changing. He says he’s trying to get better at listening, taking the time to really understand what the other person is saying. That’s helped him not just in his relationships, but also in his business dealings, he says. But more than that, working with a coach has helped him move on from his ex.

“I felt like I was crippled emotionally,” he says. “With Natalia, I’ve done a tremendous amount of work on myself [since then]. I feel like I’m twice the man I used to be.”

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