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Natalia Juarez

Breakup Coach & Dating Strategist

Hello and welcome to Lovistics. After the end of my engagement in 2010, I became obsessed with healing my own broken heart and learning to date in a healthier way to find real love. Once I discovered how to help myself it became my mission to help others make sense of love in their own lives.

My specialties include breakup/divorce coaching, dating strategy, and infidelity support . Breakup coaching covers the entire spectrum of breakups. So whether you need help getting over a difficult breakup, initiating a breakup and creating an exit plan, or want support to NOT breakup, I can help. Also, depending on the circumstances, I may be able to help you get your ex back. Dating strategy involves creating a dating plan that will optimize your dating life to attract high-quality matches.


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No matter what side of a breakup you're on, going through a break-up, separation or divorce is often a very challenging experience. Often we need a different kind of support than our friends and family can provide. I get it. I've been there, and not only do I have personal experience growing through the process but I have supported many men and women to navigate through their own unique situations.



If you want to get your ex back, it's crucial that you follow certain steps. The time after a breakup is incredibly delicate and needs to be treated with a lot of care. If there is any real chance at getting your ex back, I will help you craft the perfect plan of action.


Going through a breakup can be devastating, even if you were the one who ended the relationship. If you need support and guidance getting through your romantic grief, and/or working through the split, I may be able to help or point you in the direction of someone else who can. 


Ending a relationship with someone you care about is difficult for many reasons. Whether you feel you've grown apart, met someone else, feel the need to be single, etc., I can help you figure out how to end your relationship with respect and compassion.

DATING & Relationship Coaching


Despite all of the love and dating resources out there, none of it helps if you don’t have a clear strategic plan that works with your unique circumstances to get the love you want.

In our sessions, we will get clear on your "dating purpose" and create a strategic plan so that your dating life is fulfilling and effective at connecting with the right people for you.



Dating after the ending of long-term relationships has it’s unique challenges. Since we are wired for love so it’s natural to want to get back out there and find new love. However, there are ways of dating that can make this time of transition more smooth.


My clients have found that dating over 30 (and beyond) is a lot different than dating in your 20s. They have more responsibilities and may feel they have less opportunities. That said, there are great benefits to “mature dating.” Not only do you know yourself better, but you’re more established.


If you think online-dating doesn’t work, you’re wrong. It’s the second most common way people are currently finding relationships. Done right, online dating is a powerful tool that you can use to market yourself in a very crowded marketplace. That’s right, I said market yourself! Once you have a great profile, you will naturally attract great dates.


When my boyfriend of 5 years broke up with me out of the blue I was devastated.  Luckily, a friend recommended Natalia’s services. I had never even heard of a breakup coach! Over the 3 months that we worked together, Natalia not only helped me to get through the worst of my heartache, but she also helped me to take good care of myself through the process. As a result, I genuinely grew through the experience and have found peace.  I am now happily dating and excited to find real, healthy love.
— - S.K.
I had no idea how to end my relationship of 7 years. I felt we simply wanted different things and had grown apart. I also felt guilty because I knew my girlfriend deserved more than I was willing to provide - I just wasn’t completely sure I wanted to take the next step to marriage. Within six sessions, Natalia was able to help me gain clarity over the situation, to develop a plan, and to break up with my girlfriend with respect and compassion. It was still difficult, but I feel settled knowing I did it in the best way possible.
— — S.B.
I never set out to have an affair, but when I found myself in a very complicated romantic situation, I was very lucky to have found Natalia. Natalia is one of the most open-minded people I have ever met and helped me to sort through my complicated situation without judgement. As a result of our work together, I was able to end the affair and am now working on repairing and strengthening my relationship.
— - B.W.

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